A Place where hearts and lives can heal

Safety, support and renewal for those in desperate situations such as addiction, abuse, prostitution, violence, homelessness & post-incarceration. We would rather call them discipleship homes rather than recovery centers due to our focus of teaching residents about the life transforming power of Jesus Christ.
Our goal is to see our residents restored as they take steps toward lasting change.
Our approach will be holistic, focusing on rebuilding the entire person, Spirit, Soul and body.
Phase I—Transformation:
9 Months to one year. Focus on spiritual and life discipleship including: prayer, Bible study, volunteer work and service to local organizations and churches.
Daily Routine:
Daily Bible Studies and devotional time (morning and night)
Time spent on chores and personal organization
Giving back to community through service or work projects.
Special classes for training in areas as needed (Resume building, financial management and budgeting, parenting, etc...)
Meal times
with one 'free' day a week and supervised visitation on Sunday's with family members.
  • Age 18 or older
  • No psychotropic medication
  • May not work outside the home during Phase I
  • Abide by program handbook
Phase II—Transition:
Phase II graduates may remain in the home while pursuing employment or education and building their savings to prepare for
life on their own. Some remain in the home to assume leadership roles; many move on to independent living. 

There is NO FEE for Phase I
During Phase II, employed participants are asked to contribute a small fee toward the program as they seek independent living.

Call us for placement: (412) 275-HOPE(4673)