CityReach Network

CityReach Church-Moon is part of a multi-site church planting movement that is transforming lives and reaching whole cities with the message of Jesus Christ.

CityReach History

Brian Bolt gave his life to Christ in California, in the back of an ambulance, after he was shot point-blank in the head. He spent three months in the hospital recovering from his wounds.

Shortly after his release from the hospital, Brian Bolt became part of a men's recovery home. His life was radically transformed. He discovered the calling God placed on his life. Brian went to bible college burning with a vision to plant churches.

Eventually, Brian Bolt ended up in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he started the first Hope Home and CityReach Church. From a store front church on Butler Street, Brian Bolt has planted over 57 churches with more planned for 2016. Currently, there are 12 Hope Homes, stretching from Maine to Florida.

Mission Statement

To reach the one who is far from God and help them become a passionate follower of Jesus!

Using unlikely people in overlooked placed to do extraordinary things

CityReach Moon is a Christian church called to reach the "one" who is far from God in Moon Township, PA, and beyond.
We believe that genuine Christianity isn't found in a self proclamation or religion, but in following Christ and inviting Him to live in, and through us.
We are inspired by Jesus' own words and His Great Commission. We find our church's mission in facilitating a vital reconnection to God by mending the spiritual
and physical broken conditions of life through a loving relationship with Jesus and His church. It is God's intention that these mended people would be trained,
equipped and sent to perpetuate this process of growing His Kingdom.

Vision Statement

To create a movement of people, churches and ministries that aggressively reach cities with the hope of Jesus


The Great Commission and the Great Commandment

Our values come from our Biblical convictions found in The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and The Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40)

We value Outreach demonstrated in the multiple expressions of caring for our community, neighbors and beyond.
Personal and corporate invitations to Jesus are the central mission of the church, and church planting is key to fulfillment of this great commission.

We value Training through teaching and preaching the good news of God's Word and discipling believers to live according to God's purpose for them.

We value Devotion through prayer, bible study, worship and generosity. These are core to a believers faith life and should be lived out daily.

We value Community through building and strengthening relationships, restoring and revitalizing our neighborhoods, and partnering in service with like-minded churches and community organizations.