Community Outreach

CityReach Cares for the Moon Community

Food Distribution:
CityReach Moon is planning many outreach events in the Moon area and beyond.
We are planning to collect non-perishable foods and distribute bags of groceries as an outreach to economically diverse areas within Moon.
Please call us to get involved and to find the meeting locations: (412) 275-Hope
Concert Series:
Stay tuned for future event dates.

Weekend Movies:
Stay tuned for future event dates.

Block Party Bash: Live Music, Puppet shows, & BBQ Cookout and more fun...
Stay tuned for future event dates.

Hope for the 'Burgh: School Pack pack give away and fun day...
Stay tuned for future event dates.

Give-A-Gift: Christmas presents for families in need, connecting businesses, churches, and other community organizations to the needs at home...
Stay tuned for future event dates coming in November/December. If you know of a family who you feel would benefit from being added to our list, please reach out to us here
Our Give-A-Gift 2015 page

Mission Miami We are planning a domestic missions trip to Miami during the week of December 27th, 2015 to January 2, 2016. The cost for the trip is $300.00 case of water/person and includes food, camp ground costs, t-shirts, and transportation. If you are interested in attending please reach out via email: Email
 ... We're praying for a bus, so that we can start a route to serve several communities, including MoonCrest. We've learned that due to budget considerations, there a no bus routes to several communities to connect the residents with their job transportation. It is our desire to run several routes in the morning and evening to serve this need. Please pray with us or help us to connect to the resources necessary for this opportunity to serve the community with Jesus' love.